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Images and colors moving, expertly assembled with atmosphere Music. There is nothing more engaging and exciting to see each in their own video Double. Review the stages of preparation, observe the looks agitated and excited before the ceremony, enjoy all those details in that important day, you could not enjoy it right, but most importantly, your voices be affected, while the promise of marriage, concern the exchange of wedding rings, enjoy the spectacle of 'out of the church, with the' enthusiasm and
passion, that only the video will make you live ... And this, every time you see him, it's after 1 month, or after 50th years of marriage.
Choose our operators to relive your day, we will combine passion, professionalism, experience and sympathy, to entertain, to dream and excite you. No pre-set package, each video is done to himself. Contact us and we'll give you all the information to be able to offer the best service based on your requests!

Claudio Capelli


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