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Proper wedding planning, provides for the allocation of a fixed budget for each sector, (you do it for the restaurant, for the wedding dress, for the location etc.)
We believe it is an a valis option also applies to the choice of the service photo / videos / albums.
Our prices are suitable for total flexibility according to the demands and needs of the customer, for this, if you notify us of the budget that you have decided to allocate to the photo shoot, we will offer the best service for your needs.

The phrase "too expensive" is often overused, you should always consider whether a product or service are expensive based on the quality / price ratio, or if they are simply too expensive in relation to the disposable income of those who express such an opinion.
If you want to buy a Ferrari but your budget does not allow it you could also say that the Ferrari is too expensive.
But, all those who own one, believe that they are money well spent.

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