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The wedding album, is the icing on the cake of your photo shoot, intended to make "real" photos taken that day to finally touch them, appreciate, do not display the screen of a computer, but just below your eyes .
The choice of an album is important, which is why, I'll be glad to invite you at our studio in order to see the endless possibilities offered by us, I'll be happy to help you choose, to get you customize your music in the best way!
We offer the possibility to choose between, traditional music, modern music, and 'album now highly popular book, with an infinite variety of choice of formats and sizes, and among the more than 400 covers of your choice, all strictly first quality, selected and tested to give you always the best product on the market.

In addition, the service layout and printing of 'album is available independently in the choice of the photographer.                                                   

                                                                                           Claudio Capelli

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Alcuni esempi di copertine Album tradizionale

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